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Missouri Car Insurance Laws

Missouri, much like every other state in the union has specific laws pertaining to obtaining and maintaining auto insurance coverage on any vehicles its citizens may own and operate. In addition to varying levels of insurance being required by law, there are also countless insurance companies out there offering car insurance.

One of the best ways to determine which auto insurance is the best fit for each purchase is to do some comparison shopping online. Simply inputting your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool will allow you to search auto insurance companies to see which policies are right for you.

Here are a few common issues residents of Missouri may come across when shopping for auto insurance as well as the answers. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to find great rates now!

Basic Requirements for Having Auto Insurance in Missouri

Although there are a number of levels of insurance one can carry in Missouri, there are some basic minimum levels one must carry. They are as follows:

  • All Drivers must carry $25,000 worth of Liability Coverage.
  • All Drivers must carry $50,000 worth of Bodily Liability Coverage.
  • All Drivers must carry $10,000 worth of Property Damage Liability Coverage.
  • All Drivers must carry $25,000/$50,000 limit for Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury.

car insurance laws missouriThese levels of coverage generally only protect damage to other’s property or other’s bodily injury.

Additional insurance should be purchased to protect the policy holder, their property or those traveling in their vehicle.

In addition to these basic requirements, residents of the state of Missouri must also provide a current proof of insurance showing that they are indeed covered with the minimum amounts of insurance.

This has to be done prior to registering any vehicle within the state. This will then be placed on file with Missouri’s Department of Revenue (DOR).

There are specific instances where Missouri motorists may file additional documentation in place of a proof of insurance such as a surety bond or other types of securities which would prove a motorists financial ability to self-insure.

Penalties for Not Carrying the Proper Amount of Insurance in Missouri

Not carrying the minimum levels of insurance in the state of Missouri will carry a one year suspension of a motorist’s license if discovered. Once a motorist has had their license suspended for this reason, they will also be liable to pay a reinstatement fee which may vary in cost based upon circumstances.

In addition to the suspension and fee, it will also be required that these motorists provide proof of insurance for up to three years whenever registering a vehicle within the state.

Rental Car Vehicles and Additional Coverage

In short, rental cars don’t need additional coverage. These laws pertain to all vehicles within the state. There are a couple of important points to remember as it pertains to rental cars though.

Most auto insurance policies cover the policyholder for any vehicle they may be driving. This includes borrowing a friend’s vehicle or renting a vehicle from a rental car agency. In addition, most credit cards offer insurance coverage when their customer’s use their cards to rent a vehicle, so this is another option to research as well.

missouri car insurance lawsIn the event the insurance being carried by the policyholder is not sufficient, and the credit card being used to rent the vehicle does not cover insurance, most rental car companies will insure a vehicle for an additional daily fee.

It is always best to understand what coverage one may or may not have before spending money on additional coverage they may or may not need.

Households and Auto Insurance

In the event there are those who do not drive, such as a teenager or elderly relative living with the policyholder, certain exclusions can be written into a policy that would allow those members of a household not to be covered.

How Rates Differ for Motorists

Auto insurance companies take into account a wide array of factors when determining rates. An average rate for the state can be given, but it is not a guarantee that every individual will qualify for it. Here are a few things typically considered when determining auto insurance rates.

  • Age – Whether someone is just starting their life behind the wheel or winding it down, both ends of the spectrum present certain risks. Because of these, younger and older motorists alike may realize increased rates.
  • History – This can go both ways as well. Those with a flawless history behind the wheel may see lower rates, while those who have a number of accidents or moving violations may see increased rates.
  • Credit History – Although it may surprise some, auto insurance companies want to make sure their customers will be financially able to pay them. For those who have poor credit histories, they may see higher rates to help mitigate the risk of them not paying.

These are the basic requirements Missouri Law has in place for the insurance their citizens must carry. As with any type of shopping one is doing, comparison of multiple companies and products is always best. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to find the best rates for you!

Our FREE online comparison tool is at one’s disposal to input his Missouri ZIP code and quickly see which auto insurance companies in their area are best suited to their needs. With the ease of shopping just a few clicks away, finding the perfect auto insurance company has never been easier.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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