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Kentucky Car Insurance Laws

Buying car insurance in the state of Kentucky is made easier by the presence of online research tools and car insurance quotes. If you are a Kentucky driver then make sure you are covered to avoid penalties in Kentucky. The state of Kentucky has laws that make inexpensive car insurance possible in the state. Check out a list of car insurance quotes and companies by entering your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool.

Minimum Requirements of the State of Kentucky

All the drivers in the state can only be allowed to drive if they have car insurance. The insurance must carry the minimum liability cover to make it legal. The state of Kentucky’s minimum liability on auto insurance is 25/50/10. This means that:

    • $25000, liability for death or bodily injury of one victim
    • Two or more people-$50000
    • Uninsured/underinsured for each person in one accident-$25000/$50000
    • Property damage-$10000

Laws on Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Insurance Covers

This type of cover is required by the law in the state of Kentucky. It amounts to $25000/$50000 in a single accident for each person involved. This cover can be taken as a contingency measure. It will aid an individual if he gets involved in an accident with someone from a different state. The cover also protects the holder if he gets involved in any accident outside the boundaries of the state of Nebraska.

Laws on the Exclusion Clause in Drivers Insurance

Car insurance companies in the state can underwrite policies which do not include other members from the driver’s household. This clause exempts the firm from carrying any liability due to an accident caused by another person, apart from the insured driver. The company by law can refuse to pay any claims in such incidences. One can add the personal insurance cover to protect himself and his whole household.

A motorist should read the insurance contract before signing it to prevent misunderstandings that may crop up later.

Laws on Rental Car Insurance Covers

The states auto insurance rules mandate that all vehicles should have car insurance. This does not exempt car rentals. Insurance policies in the state have a stipend that covers rental cars. However, not all insurers provide such policies to its clients.

Therefore, before using a rental car one must ascertain if his policy is comprehensive. Credit cards also have insurance covers for rental cars. In case both the credit card issuer and the insurance do not offer minimum liability on the rental, one must pay $7-$14 to the car rental company.

Laws on Credit History to Determine Car Insurance Rates

Kentucky state laws on auto insurance allow car insurance companies to check credit history. The individual’s credit ratings will help the insurer determine how disciplined one is in making payments. The insurance company uses this background to set premium rates. Therefore, credit history will determine how a policy holder will be making premium payments either monthly or annually.

Good credit scores enable a policy holder to clinch cheaper insurance quotes and thus improve one’s credit ratings.

Laws on Lapsed and Prior Insurance Covers

The Department of motor vehicles in Kentucky can suspend a driver’s license if his insurance cover expires or gets cancelled. Lapses in insurance payments force the insurer to cancel such policies. Therefore, one must renew or pay up insurance premiums so that the state department does not take action against him.

Laws on Teen Insurance Covers

Teen drivers, in the state of Kentucky must carry the minimum liability cover, just like any driver. Teenagers in the state undergo the Graduate Driving License (GDL) training so as to get a restricted license. Teenage drivers must be between the ages of 16-19 in this state.

Teen drivers are not allowed to use any form of wireless gadgets while driving. And, most insurance companies charge higher premium rates for teenagers as they’re inexperienced and have a higher probability of getting involved in an accident compared to others.

It’s not easy for young drivers with high premiums to start with along with the ever-rising cost of college education. But, teenagers are eligible for multiple discounts just the way they can get scholarships for education.

Laws on DUI Insurance

DUI insurance requires higher liability rates. In Kentucky the BAC content must be less than 0.08% while 0.15% leads to a conviction. Therefore, DUI convicts have to pay higher insurance premium rates.

The Law System Governing Insurance Policies

A tort system of governing insurance policies is followed in the state. This implies that in an accident scenario one person must carry the blame. Whoever will be found at fault will pay for the damages caused in the accident.

The payments must be done via the person’s insurance firm which carries the liability. Being a tort state, Kentuckian insurance firms require policy holders to pay higher premiums than the minimum requirements of the state.

Penalties Due to Failure to Adhere to Laws

It is mandatory for one to have the minimum insurance liability while driving in the roads of Kentucky. Failure to adhere to this rule will lead to the suspension of the motorists driving license. The suspension can last up to three years, depending on how serious the situation was.

DUI offences elicit a license cancellation and a maximum jail sentence of up to 5 years. One may also have to pay a fine of $300-$10000. Avoid bad decisions concerning car insurance by entering your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool.

Kentucky car insurance encourages comprehensive covers. Because Kentucky is among the cheapest states, one should find out the minimum rates offered in his city. To get the best quotes offered in your city, enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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