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Oklahoma Car Insurance Laws

oklahoma car insurance lawsThe Oklahoma house bill 3115 was made law in May 2006. Oklahoma then fell under the ranks of thirty other American States that used electronic insurance verifiers. This enabled highway patrol officers to check the validity of a motorist car insurance cover in real time.

The use of electronic verification started working officially in January 2009. Currently the system is in full force and has changed the highways of Oklahoma completely. Go online and enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to make sure you are adequately covered.

Electronic verification of insurance by the states law enforcers increased the highway safety. It also improves the administration of Oklahoma auto insurance rules and regulations. Oklahoma like all the other states follows various rules on car insurance policies when it comes a license suspended, DUI, or a number of other situations. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to find the best rates on insurance policies possible!

The System Being Followed in This State

Oklahoma subscribes to a tort system of governing motor vehicle insurance. This system means that someone must be liable for a car accident to happen. The damages or harm caused during an accident have to be catered for by the ‘at-fault’ driver insurance. Auto insurance companies advise policy holders to take higher coverage since the state follows a tort system.

Minimum Liability Required in Oklahoma

Every car insurance policy must have the minimum requirements stipulated by the state. The minimum liability comes in 25/50/25. This implies that $25000 caters for body injury or death of one victim, $50000 goes to death or injury of two or more people, and $25000 caters for damages caused to property.

DUI Car Insurance Regulations

DUI crimes require payments of fines up to $2500 and a 6 month suspension of the driver’s license. However, the laws in Oklahoma for DUI insurance can be a bit lenient. DUI offenders are allowed to apply for a limited license. Insurers can set their rates high for DUI offenders if they deem it necessary.

Laws Related to the Use of Rental Cars in Oklahoma

Rentals, like other cars in this state, must carry insurance covers that meet the minimum requirements. Most auto insurance policies in the state include coverage for any other type of car the driver might use. Therefore, Oklahoma drivers must read their policies to find out what type of coverage they have. Credit card companies have the prerogative of insuring their holders. Rental cars might get covered by the credit card a motorist used to pay for its services. Car rental establishments offer insurance covers that cost $7-$14 per day.

Rules on Uninsured or Underinsured Insurance Policies

Being a tort state, Oklahoma does not require its motorists to have underinsured or uninsured covers. The insurance firms have an obligation to offer this type of insurance cover to their clients. However, a motorist can decline to buy this type of policy.

Analysts advise residents of tort governed states to purchase higher insurance coverage to stay on the safe side.

Exclusion of Driver Policy and Its Administration

Underwriters of insurance policies in Oklahoma can include the exclusion of members of a home. This means that the insurer will be liable to pay claims to the policy holder only in case of any accident. Motorists in Oklahoma should know about the exclusion clause before accepting the contract.

Rules That Regulate Teenage Auto Insurance Policies

Oklahoma teens can start driving at the age of 15. They can only drive without an adult or an instructor when they reach 15 ½ years. Teenage insurance policies must include the minimum liability mandated by the states laws on car insurance. The law does not prohibit the use of cell phones by teenage drivers while they insurance laws oklahoma

Laws About a Driver’s Prior or Lapsed Insurance Cover

Lapsed insurance in Oklahoma is treated as lack of an insurance cover. Therefore, a motorist will have to part with a minimum fine of $250 or a 1 month jail term. The state does not allow insurance companies to charge a higher rate for lapsed insurance. One can renew his prior insurance or pay delayed premiums without being penalized by the insurance provider. One can carry a non-owner or an owner’s insurance policy to prevent the consequences that come because of lapsed coverage.

Rules About the Use of Motorist Credit History by Insurance Companies

The law permits insurers to check or refer to their clients’ credit ratings on issuance of insurance covers. The driver’s credit ratings enable the insurance facility to determine the risk one poses to the company. To get cheaper insurance rates the motorist should have good scores on his credit chart.

Car insurance companies also assess a client’s worth by noting details such as age, place of residence, car model and make, mileage, gender, and driving record.

Penalties Charges on Rule Breakers in Oklahoma

Being caught driving without a license, will cost a motorist a fine of $250-$1000 under the new laws. This applies to all drivers even those driving off road have to get a statutory license. Teenagers can also have their licenses revoked if they are found in DUI offenses. DUI offenses carry a jail term of 12 months to 15 years depending on the gravity. Repeat offenders get stern fines and can have their cars impounded. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to see the best quotes available!

In the state of Oklahoma, young male drivers may have to pay higher premium rates than young female motorists. Teenagers also have higher susceptibility to collisions and freak accidents and may pay more expensive premiums. Oklahoma ranks as the 38th most expensive in terms of insurance payments in the USA. The use of electronic insurance verification in the state will ultimately reduce the number of uninsured drivers. To find affordable car insurance rates, enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance tool and do an online comparison of insurance quotes.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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