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Car Insurance Guide

Most people groan out loud at the thought of researching and deciding on car insurance. Although it is not a glamorous job to find the right coverage, it is imperative for you and your passengers to have protection while driving down the road.

However, some car insurance companies can make the process difficult to understand; between deductibles and coverage types, a policy can become a large contract with hard to understand wording. A simple guide to finding the right car insurance for you will help the process along.

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This insurance type is legally required for most states in the United States. What is it exactly? The liability portion covers any injuries incurred by you, your passengers, or passengers in a vehicle that are involved in a direct accident. From medical bills to funeral costs, the bodily injury liability policy is necessary to cover these extreme costs.

Drivers should be aware that their coverage should be comparable to their assets; people with a lot of assets should have higher coverage rates so that they are not legally responsible for a cash payment toward medical bills. Consumers should be aware that higher coverage rates will normally require a more expensive premium per month. However, an accident can occur at any time, so it is best to be covered for peace of mind.

Uninsured/Under Insured Coverage

Not everyone on the road can afford car insurance, even though it is illegal to drive without the bare minimum of liability. The uninsured/under insured coverage provides funds in the event of an accident involving a person with very little coverage or a basic hit-and-run situation.

Without this coverage, a person is left to pay for medical bills and auto body work out of pocket.

Property Damage

Drivers should definitely hold this car insurance type; any property, such as road signs or protective road fencing, damaged during an accident will be fixed accordingly without money coming out of the driver’s pocket. Accidents can incur a lot of damage, depending on the speed and angle of the vehicle’s accident. Drivers will feel much more comfortable driving with this coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive

Although optional, many drivers should have this form of coverage. Comprehensive coverage typically comes into play when a vehicle is damaged by natural causes, such as a flood, or stolen outright. Collision covers repairs, or replacement, of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Drivers should evaluate their vehicle for the coverage type. Older vehicles may not be worth the monthly premium to keep either of these coverages, but new vehicles should have a reasonable deductible chosen so that the driver does not lose the value of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Researching Insurance Quotes

Consumers have a few different resources for comparing car insurance quotes, from visiting a local agent to calling various community companies. However, online quotes are a fast way to obtain fair coverage prices.

A legitimate insurance company will usually require a form to be filled out that can take as much as 15 minutes. However, do not be put off by this amount of time; the more information the company has about you and your driving habits, the better quote they can provide.

Do not settle for the first one or two quotes obtained. Obtain several quotes in one place with the free quote comparison tool above. No one wants to pay a high premium every month. Researching various companies will pay off in the end.

Keep on Top of the Quotes

Most car insurance policies are contracted for a one year period. At the one year point, research other companies for a better quote; if you have been accident free for the year, it is possible that your rates will drop with new companies.

However, do not jump around to different insurance providers if the savings are minimal. Many insurance companies offer discounts to loyal customers that stay with a continual policy for several years. Ask the company about their loyalty programs to receive the desired discount.

Overall, the right car insurance depends on your driving habits and personal needs. Comparing quotes is the best way to receive the fairest deal. In the end, you can go online and input your ZIP code into a car insurance quote comparison website and receive comprehensive information about different companies and policy types.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save