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Car Insurance Quotes

Getting new car insurance quotes is not something most drivers enjoy doing, but it does have to be done from time to time. Almost every state in the country has a requirement that drivers carry an auto insurance policy.

Those purchasing a vehicle will need to shop for rate quotes and buy coverage for their vehicle. Even those who have owned their current vehicle for many months or years may benefit from comparing car insurance from time to time to find possible savings with another insurance company through the use of an online rate comparison site.

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How Often to Shop for Insurance Rate Quotes

It is common for drivers to buy auto insurance and leave a policy in place for years without altering the policy or shopping for new rates. However, there are numerous reasons to shop for new rate quotes from time to time.

In fact, some experts advise drivers to shop for new coverage approximately every year. Some of the reasons to shop for new auto insurance coverage quotes include:

  • The coverage needs of the driver may change.
  • Factors contributing to how rate quotes are calculated change. These may include local driving demographics in the driver’s zip code, insurance statistics on the make and model of the vehicle, credit history, a driver’s driving history, and more.
  • Insurance companies alter how they analyze these factors and calculate rates periodically.

Because car insurance companies alter their rates from time to time, even those with a stable driving history and who live in an area with fairly stable demographics may find savings by shopping for new auto insurance coverage each year.

How to Shop For Quotes

Many years ago, drivers obtained their insurance through an agent who they had developed a relationship with. This often was the same insurance agent who held their homeowner’s and life insurance policies. Over the years, savvy consumers opted to shop over the phone for quotes to find savings, but this was time-consuming and tedious.

Now, rate comparison websites on the internet provide drivers with a faster and easier time to gather quotes. With a rate comparison site, drivers simply have to enter a few details about their vehicle as well as their zip code to receive several rate quotes from top insurance companies.

Look For Discounts

Depending on where you live will dictate how many car insurance quotes you have access to. Usually it is best to get at least four different quotes, which is why using a site like can save you time and money by comparing multiple quotes in one place.

After receiving rate quotes, a driver should then analyze the rate quotes. The deductible and coverage levels should be the same for all quotes, so often a driver can simply scan the rate quotes results for the lowest priced options.

However, a driver may also want to pick up the phone and contact the companies offering the lowest quotes directly. This can help a driver look for specific discounts that an insurance company may offer. Each insurer offers different discounts, and shopping for discounts may yield savings off the premium amounts quoted.

Some of the quotes drivers may find include:

  • Safe driver discount or a discount for taking a driver’s safety course
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Student or good student discount
  • Policy renewal discount after being insured on the same policy for a certain number of years

Ways to Reduce Rate Quotes

Some discounts a driver finds may offer immediate savings while others may offer the ability for a driver to save money on their policy in the future. For drivers who are interested in obtaining the lowest rate quotes possible, there are a few other options to consider for reducing the premium cost, and these include:

  • Lowering auto insurance cover to meet state minimum requirements
  • Increasing the deductible to a higher level
  • Opting to pay for the premium in full rather than in monthly installments

While discounts may be available to only a select group of drivers, the above savings options are ways all drivers can save money on their premium.

Shopping for new rate quotes for an auto insurance policy may never be fun, but many drivers who find savings on their auto insurance premium ultimately find the process rewarding. Using a rate comparison site is a great way to easily compare rate quotes today. Drivers simply need to enter in a few details about their vehicle and their zip code into a rate comparison site to get started. Enter your zip code now!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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