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Mississippi Car Insurance Laws

Auto insurance is important to consider though shopping for car insurance can sometimes be time consuming and more arduous than buying the car itself. This fact is specifically true in Mississippi where the type of coverage is not clear in law. Make your car insurance shopping easy by entering your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool now.

Although everyone has a diverse feeling about auto insurance, opinions varies in different degrees. Some people think auto insurance companies conspire to con hardworking individuals of their money. In fact, one cannot imagine how much he or she needs auto insurance until something happens that he or she is not prepared for. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance tool to find rates that make great protection affordable!

car insurance laws mississippiCommon Insurance Laws in Mississippi

According to Mississippi car insurance laws, one has to carry his or her information card in his or her vehicle at all times. All vehicles registered in Mississippi are required by law to be covered by a liability car insurance policy.

The liability car insurance minimums are below, but a liability car insurance guide is available online to help you find minimums for each state.

While the law does not allow the law enforcers to stop a driver with the sole purpose of checking if he or she has an insurance card, they are allowed to check for proof of insurance during a stop for any other violation required by the statute. According to the same laws, the initial penalty for failing to maintain an insurance card is $1,000 plus a suspension of a driver’s driving license for a year.

The minimum liability requirements in Mississippi are $10,000 for every person and are limited to one accident. There is also a minimum liability of $20,000 for every accident for physical injuries and $5,000 for every accident to take care of physical damage.

In other words, if one is a driver in Mississippi, he or she can legally fulfill the auto insurance laws by:

  • making a security deposit equal to the minimum requirements
  • showing proof of liability insurance with property damage and bodily injury limits at least equal to the minimum requirements
  • posting a bond of equal amounts of property damage and bodily injury limits to the minimum requirements.

To the vast majority of Mississippi residents, car liability insurance provides the most effective means in protecting the driver in case of a car accident. Maintaining these requirements forms the fundamental auto insurance laws in Mississippi.

To most citizens in Mississippi, there remains an unanswered paradox about car insurance. Many people who are not familiar with auto insurance quotes find it alarming.

Reasons for High Auto Insurance Rates in Mississippi

  • The state of Mississippi has the second highest road accidents in the entire United States of America
  • The rate of car theft in places like Memphis, Jackson, and Biloxi remain among the highest in the United States of America.
  • The perception that car insurance are cheaper, because of its low income levels and that most drivers opt for minimum insurance rather than full protection complicates the situation in Mississippi.

Recommended Auto Insurance Coverage in Mississippi

Notably, a majority of the insurance gurus agree that increasing the amount of minimum liability was justified. However, even with the increase, it is not sufficient enough.

Furthermore, due to increased volumes of uninsured motorists, one should consider uninsured or under insured motorist protection. For one who lives in places of high vehicle theft, he or she should opt for comprehensive insurance.

Cheap Insurance Quotes in Mississippi

Auto insurance companies like individuals who show responsibility and take steps to limit the amount of liability. For such individuals, they can attract cheap auto insurance in Mississippi, by them installing their vehicles with safety and security devices like automatic seat belts, air bags, and anti-lock brakes.

Drivers who use their vehicles more often should consider “pay as you drive” option for auto insurance companies which offer up to 50 percent to them who drive safely within a limit mileage for each year.

One is further qualified for cheap auto insurance quote in Mississippi if they do not smoke, if he or she combines his or her home insurance policy with his or her auto insurance policy, and if he or she insures more than one vehicle with the same car insurance company in Mississippi. Therefore, car owners who include their household on their car insurance policy should consult their insurance companies for they are liable to better discounts.

Typical Car Insurance Rates in Mississippi

Defining a typical Mississippi car insurance rate is difficult because many car owners pay the minimum auto insurance rates they can afford. The list provided below gives the average auto insurance premiums in some selected cities in Mississippi. Anything above the figures given should serve as a source of inspiration to use the auto insurance website in Mississippi to help in saving money for car insurance.

  • Auto Insurance in Southaven – $1,339
  • Auto Insurance in Hattiesburg – $1,320
  • Auto Insurance in Greenville – $1,258
  • Auto Insurance in Tupelo – $1,258
  • Auto Insurance in Pascagoula -$1,473
  • Auto Insurance in Jackson – $1,344
  • Auto Insurance in Vicksburg – $1,378
  • Auto Insurance in Biloxi – $1,450
  • Auto Insurance in meridian – $1,416
  • Auto Insurance in Gulfport – $1,524

Car Insurance Companies

Below is a list of common Insurance Companies in Mississippi.

  • mississippi car insurance lawsForemost
  • Omni
  • American Western Home
  • American Bankers
  • American International
  • MeraStar
  • Mendota
  • Markel
  • National Fire Union
  • National Security And Casualty
  • National General

The list is endless, so if you want the best auto insurance quote in Mississippi, look at the facts of your car and enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to get the best quotes online.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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