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Maine Car Insurance Laws

When seeking car insurance in Maine, one needs to be exposed to some vital facts. An individual should find out what Maine law requires and the financial situation of car insurance companies. These details will help for finding the right car insurance. Once you are done finding out the facts about the laws, enter your ZIP code to compare car insurance online in our FREE comparison tool.

Minimum Coverage

It is mandatory for all motorists in Maine to have minimum liability insurance coverage of:

  • $50000/$100000 for physical injury
  • $25000 for property damage
  • $50000/$100000 for Uninsured/Underinsured motorist
  • $1000 for medical payments

It’s against the law in Maine to operate without motor vehicle insurance, rental cars included. Minimum liability coverage applies to rental cars in a similar way to personal cars. It’s also vital to consider that a majority of car insurance policies in Maine are inclusive on car rentals. If you realizes that your car insurance policy or credit card does not cover rental cars, you should get car insurance quotes from a car rental company costing an additional $7 to $14 per day.

The state of Maine follows a tort system, implying that in the event of a car crash, someone must be established to be at fault or the cause of the accident.

The person considered to be at fault will be responsible for all damage payments. The damages are usually handled by the insurance company of the person responsible. Since Maine is a tort state, a majority of insurance companies would recommend that drivers carry higher coverage than what the state provides as minimum.

Driver Exclusion

Certain drivers from a household are at times excluded from coverage. Exclusion could happen mainly because some Maine auto insurance companies write policies that do not include members of a household. One should keenly view the exclusions part of the policy which also gives a list of circumstances where the insurance company would be freed from responsibility of claim payment. Therefore, it’s vital to examine car insurance policies keenly before signing.maine car insurance laws

Credit History

It is legal in Maine for insurance companies to use a person’s credit history to establish offers and rates for car insurance products. Auto insurance companies in Maine use other factors beside Personal Credit History to determine the insurance rates to be paid.

Car insurance companies consider gender, age, area of residence, car model and make, frequency of driving, and prior insurance coverage.

In Maine, the law requires that when a driver’s insurance has lapsed, the insurance company is supposed to notify the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The Electronic Notification of Insurance Cancellation program came into effect in 2005. After notification, one will receive a letter from BMV indicating that he or she has a specific duration upon which to produce evidence of insurance. This period is usually 30 days from the date of notification of BMV by the insurance company.

Proof of active insurance must be provided within the allowed time to avoid suspension of plates and registration. One could do this by mail, fax, online or in person at any BMV location. Suspension of registration will require payment of a reinstatement fee of $35.

DUI/OUI Laws in Maine

The state of Maine states that it’s a crime for any motorist to handle a vehicle with a BAC or blood alcohol content of at least 0.08%. Enhanced sentences exist for cases involving BAC levels of 0.15% or higher. If a person is under arrest for operating under the influence in Maine, the license suspension duration for a first offense is ninety days. Within the 90 day period of suspension, one may request for reinstatement for extreme situations though the ultimate decision rests with the judge.

In Maine, an initial OUI offense carries a $500 fine, a 90 day suspension of license and up to 30 days behind bars. Second OUI offenses bear a 6 month prison sentence coupled with a 3 year suspension of license. Other penalties comprise of interlock and a $1000 minimum fine. A third OUI offense bears a $1000 minimum fine, a jail term of up to nine months one day, and a six year suspension of license. An interlock could be needed. For fourth offenses, one ought to expect to spend up to two years in jail, a six year license suspension, Fines of at least $1000, and interlock.

Graduated Driver License Requirements in Maine

The Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program in Maine is a licensing system for new drivers. GDL allows Young drivers in Maine to gain some experience in driving under conditions of low risk. The initial step in the GDL process is to obtain an instruction permit.

car insurance laws maineIn order to get a Maine instruction permit, one should be 15 years of age or older, and:

  • Fill an application at the BMV in Maine
  • Pass a written test
  • Pass a vision screening
  • Produce a driver education completion certificate
  • Produce an original birth certificate or photocopy with seal or stamp of the issuing agency
  • Submit a $10 money order or check to the State secretary

After completion of the instruction stage:

  • Hold the learner’s permit for six months before applying for the road test
  • Log 35 hours of driving out of which 5 hours must be completed at night
  • Take a written exam

Once a new driver has experience and a new license, he should know the car insurance laws for Maine in order to enjoy the road safely. No matter what type of driver you are, you can get affordable car insurance quotes using our FREE car insurance comparison tool. Just enter your ZIP code to browse the best companies offering insurance in your area and compare the best rates!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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