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Idaho Car Insurance Laws

Car insurance laws can be complicated to follow with all the different types of liability and changes in regulations. Particularly in the state of Idaho, there are stringent rules to follow and subsequent penalties.

In order to prevent suspension or revocation of your license, learn more about the current requirements in the state of Idaho and how to properly comply. Also use our FREE car insurance comparison tool by entering your ZIP code to be prepared for the road.


The state of Idaho requires that all drivers have at least a minimum amount of coverage from car insurance companies in three different areas. The amount required for injury to or death of a single person is $25,000 and a separate liability for more than one person is set at $50,000. In addition to personal injury, coverage in the amount of $15,000 for property damage is mandatory.

car insurance laws idahoUninsured/Underinsured Motorists

Some states do not require drivers to obtain a policy for uninsured or underinsured motorists but Idaho jurisdiction does. The insurance laws set in Idaho forbid issuance of any auto liability policy if there is absence of uninsured motorists’ coverage.

Being a tort state, Idaho requires that in every reported accident, there must be one party at fault and thereby responsible for damages incurred.

In the event of an accident, drivers in Idaho have the means to reimburse for injuries and damages. This protects both drivers because if the faulting driver does not have sufficient insurance at the time of the crash to cover all expenses then the other driver will still have protection from their own underinsured motorists’ coverage.

Teenager Drivers

Although most states require drivers to be a minimum age of 16 in order to drive, the state of Idaho allows teens to apply for permits at the age of 14 ½. This may seem like a bad arrangement however statistics suggest that drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are more likely to have accidents versus the younger group. But to further protect and educate teen drivers, the Graduated Driver Licensing System was adopted.

Effective since Jan 1, 2007, the Graduated Driver Licensing System helps to keep teens informed of road regulations and safe driving. The law requires all teen drivers under the age of 17 without a valid driver’s license to comply with the system before they are allowed to apply for a license and get car insurance in the state of Idaho.

Requirements under the Graduated Driver Licensing Program

  1. Classroom instruction for a minimum of 30 hours
  2. Observation while in driver-training car for 6 hours
  3. Driving training with instructor for 6 hours

Before teen drivers can become eligible to apply for a driver’s license, there will be a period of time where a Supervised Instruction Permit (SIL) is issued. In addition to the above requirements, teens must complete a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving which includes 10 hours of nighttime driving. A bad history of traffic violations or a failing grade on the vision or written test will affect issuance of the license.

Cell Phone and Texting

Unlike many others, the state of Idaho does not forbid drivers to talk on cell phones or text while operating a vehicle. There is no fine or penalty if drivers are seen using their cell phones but the driver’s manual issued by Idaho does mention that such activity is dangerous and can lead to accidents.

idaho car insurance lawsProof of Insurance

Aside from having the proper insurance policies, the state of Idaho also requires all drivers to have the appropriate proof of such coverage at all times. When drivers are stopped by law enforcement, the first request will be to present a valid driver’s license and insurance documentation.


Drivers that are pulled over and found to be driving with a suspended license can be subject to revocation in the state of Idaho.

For those who cannot produce proof of insurance upon request can be ticketed by law enforcement officers. The state of Idaho penalizes drivers up to $75 for lacking proof of insurance. In addition, there may be negative factors entered on your record.

If the offense is the first then drivers may have to present proof of coverage for up to a year. After the first offense, a second fault within the following five years may warrant a requirement to provide proof for the next three years. In almost all instances, it is simpler to obtain the proper insurance than to deal with the repercussions.

Factors that Affect Premiums

Many drivers may wonder why their premiums are higher than others. Insurance companies take several factors into account when calculating your premium. The driver’s gender and age are the basic details used but also the value of the vehicle, garaging location, driving history, and number of paid claims. Our FREE car insurance comparison tool can give you personalized quotes when you enter your ZIP code!

Insurance requirements are not a subject to be brushed aside. There are many things that can be done to lower premiums such as maintaining a clean driving record. Before taking the car for a spin, make sure you have the full rundown on the laws in Idaho. Finding an insurance quote online is easy and only takes minutes to search with your ZIP code. Take advantage of our FREE comparison tool today.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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