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Arizona Car Insurance Laws

Put a wild dog under law and tame its teeth. Such is the power of laws. On the roads, there are lives to care for and the worst drivers ought to be tamed. However, that will not always be the situation. Roads are for frail humans, not angelic cherubs. The state of Arizona recognizes this frailty, and has mandated auto insurance and anchored it firmly with the following laws.

Always be prepared for the road by knowing the laws and by knowing how to protect yourself. You can be prepared by entering your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to find the best car insurance rates now!

Financial Responsibility Laws

Coming ahead in the pack of Arizona’s car insurance laws, is the financial responsibility requirement. None can register a vehicle in Arizona without proof of financial responsibility. This proof is fulfilled by paying $ 40,000 cash or its equivalent in either bond, certificate of insurance from car insurance companies, or certificate of deposit.

Failure to comply with financial responsibility law invites a fine of $250.

Bodily Injury Liability Laws

  • After passing the test of financial responsibility, every motorist in Arizona has to buy a Bodily Injury Liability cover. In accordance with the Arizona Auto Insurance Law, the Bodily Injury Liability is a minimum of $ 15,000 per an injured individual. The minimum cover per accident is $30,000.
  • The Bodily Injury Liability coverage does not pay for your injuries; it pays only for the injury caused to the other individuals trapped in the accident. Drivers require Medical Payments coverage to pay for their own treatment.

Arizona car insurance lawsProperty Damage Liability

  • For the probable damage of property in an accident, Arizona Auto Insurance Laws prescribe a minimum coverage of $10,000.
  • The Property Damage Liability pays for damages to other people. For personal property loss, one needs a Collision Cover.

Presentation of Proof

Thirty days into the registration of a vehicle, it is compulsory for a motorist to always carry a proof of both the minimum insurance coverage, 15/30/10, and financial responsibility. The proofs are checked in case of an accident or anytime chosen by traffic officers. Most often this proof is a small card.

Verification of policy

Your insurance company is usually required by Arizonan Auto insurance laws to:

  • Verify that your policy is legitimate, especially when you are arrested or trapped in an accident.
  • Inform the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle when you fail to renew or cancel your policy.
  • To submit a full list of all the policies that they are offering for comparison with the state regulations, and their registration submissions. This is called the Arizona Computer data law.

Arizona Drunk Driving Laws/ DUI

  • The minimum limit of blood alcohol content (BAC) in Arizona is 0.08. Anyone caught on the road with over 0.08 blood alcohol content immediately faces a driving license cancelation or suspension.
  • Any driver who refuses to undergo a blood alcohol content test faces an on-the-spot license cancelation or suspension.
  • Tied to the BAC requirements is the Law of Implied Consent. It is implied that anyone who decides to drive on the roads of Arizona has accepted to face a BAC test and any other, further, test necessary to determine alcohol or drug quantities in the body.
  • Anyone who violates the law of consent is slapped with immediate suspension or driving license revocation.
  • An officer is permitted by Arizona law to use an alcohol sensor machine to do a preliminary check of BAC. This sensor-machine-test is, however, not admissible in court. Hence, a positive test will force the driver to accompany the police to the police station for an actual BAC test.
  • The accused driver is NOT granted a DUI Plea Bargain in Arizona. This law usually implies that a suspected DUI driver can plead to guilt of a lesser charge than the comprehensive DUI. In such a case, a moderate punishment is meted with the possibility of some charges being dropped.
  • The open container law prohibits both the driver and the passengers from having an open alcohol container in the passengers’ section.

car insurance laws arizonaUninsured and Under-insured Motorist Coverage

  • Motorist coming into Arizona or still not having liability insurance policy has to buy an uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage.
  • The coverage protects passengers or drivers that they injure or damage their property.

Teen Driving Laws in Arizona

  • All teen drivers, ages 15 to 18, are required to possess a learner’s license (graduated licensing): a vigorous learning duration prior to enjoying all the privileges.
  • A teen driver is mandated to carry the learner’s permit for a minimum of six months. During this period, there are no restrictions on night driving or maximum number of passengers.
  • All drivers under the age of 21 must have a blood alcohol content of zero.

Laws Regarding Cancellation or Renewal of Policy

A policy can be canceled after lasting 60 days in Arizona when:

  • The insurance was got fraudulently.
  • The insured misses to pay monthly premiums.
  • The insurance company finds out that keeping your policy would lead to their violation of Arizonan state laws.
  • A vehicle insured for public service is engaged frequently in other commercial activities.
  • The insurer is suffering receivership or is on rehabilitation
  • The owner or the driver of the vehicle has had a canceled or suspended license, been permanently disabled, or been convicted of the following within the 36 months just before the effective date of the cover or within the policy duration: operational and criminal negligence leading to death, assault or homicide; DUI; running away from the scene of accident to evade responsibility; falsehoods during application for a driving license; careless driving.

Knowing these laws can give your travels in Arizona a peace of mind. Having the right car insurance can help your financial savings and give you safety on the road. Use our FREE auto insurance comparison tool by entering your ZIP code to find great rates available t you now!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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