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Alaska Car Insurance Laws

Car insurance requires stringent laws. In the US, Alaska Car Insurance is among the best policies with stern laws that make it difficult for individuals to put their lives at risk. Although, these laws are ruthless, they ensure safety of all road users. Ensure your own safety and be prepared for the road by getting the best car insurance possible. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to see quotes now!

The laws push people to be responsible when driving on Alaska’s roads, hence reducing the rate of accidents. Road accidents in Alaska has gone done since these laws were enacted. Check our car insurance guide before you go out on the road yourself. These stringent Alaska laws are meant to bring sanity to the transport sector; and of course, to save life. They are categorized as follows:

Alaska Car Insurance Law on Verification

alaska laws auto insuranceThese laws demand that each car should be insured and the insurance proof be provided when any accident occurs. A person must carry his/her identification card, copy of insurance policy, and certificate of personal insurance when driving.

Failure to produce adequate proof for coverage in the event of an accident, will automatically call for penalties depending on the driver’s driving history. The penalty can be suspension of the driver’s license for a period of 90days to 12 months.

The more times a person is found guilty, the longer the suspension period. When one is involved in a fatal accident, body injury or damage of property exceeding $501, he/she will have to produce evidence of insurance from car insurance companies.

Alaska Car Insurance Laws on Minimum Liabilities.

Alaska car policy requires that each driver should have an active liability policy all the time. This is applicable whether the car operates on the highway, street or is a public property. The only exceptions are places where car registration materials are not needed.

The laws for minimum liability are diverse and are specific in nature. For liabilities such as accidents, destruction of property, bodily injury or death, the laws are applicable as follows:

  1. auto insurance laws alaskaFor bodily injury, a person should be paid $50,000
  2. Amount of $ 100, 000 is payable per accident for body injuries.
  3. For damaged property, a mount totaling to$ 25,000 should be paid.
  4. Alaska Car Insurance Laws on Car Rental Requirements.

The law requires that your insurance company should offer liability coverage at the lowest necessary liability limits for the use of a hired vehicle. The policy you choose must expand your comprehensive and collision coverage to a hired vehicle. In case you lack comprehensive and collision coverage, the policy provider should give you an option.

The alternative should assist you to acquire coverage for damages caused on a hired car. These laws enable those who rent cars to be responsible and account for any damage they cause.

The damage may be in the form of body injury or damage of the hired car. Owners of new vehicles with unsettled loans should carry the whole coverage insurance before being allowed on the road.

Alaska Laws on Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The law states that each company should make a written bid of underinsured or uninsured motorist’s coverage.

Alaska Law for Drivers Exclusion

The law gives an option to exclude a driver within your household from insurance coverage. Your policy provider may direct you to exclude a particular driver if your policy is exposed to a greater risk than other drivers under the same coverage. Young drivers who are always in schools and colleges may be excluded from policy coverage; this will significantly reduce the cost of your insurance policy.

Before a driver is excluded from the coverage, it is advisable to inquire the restriction involved in doing so. After removing a particular driver from your coverage, they immediately cease to enjoy all liabilities provided for in the coverage. However, this exclusion does not prevent your coverage from being exposed to risks.

Laws Governing Insurance Lapse and Cases of Prior Insurance

Those who have car insurance policy or had it in the past should be ready to provide the dates that they were insured, the limits of liability coverage and the name of the company. If you do not own a vehicle, no dishonored Alaska Insurance Act and no legal insurance cover, lack of previous policy coverage may not hold substance.

Most companies will give you better price when you carry liability limits high compared to the minimum limits required.

Laws on Personal Credit

alaska auto insurance lawsYour insurance company may request you to give information concerning credit problems, judgments or bankruptcy. The company may also need your permission to get a credit card report; your insurance score may be used to complete the payment quote. Insurance score is a rating or a number that reflects complete or part of consumer credit history.

The law allows insurance companies to check credit information in setting rates and selection of clients. Recent amendments of Alaska laws put limits on the information type that should be used, the consideration it needs and how often it should be measured.

Laws on State

Alaska State is not a tort state or a no-fault state. That means no citizen of this state should carry uninsured car insurance, personal injury protection policy or collision and comp insurance.

Laws on Insurance Premium

The law governs the rate at which premium is charged. For instance, the average policy premium in Alaska by the year 2006 was estimated to be $ 955. This premium went down by 1.3% in the following year. The rate of insurance premium is then not static, but, a subject of the market situation. These laws will help you be more prepared for the road. Another great way to be prepared is comparing FREE auto insurance quotes by entering your ZIP code into our comparison tool.

Alaska takes car insurance seriously and all drivers must not take the risk with their lives or those of other innocent drivers. Once you find out the car insurance laws for your state, you can know exactly what type of coverage complies with state standards and what coverage is best for you. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to get car insurance quotes now!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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