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West Virginia Car Insurance Laws

With teeming highways and ever-improving roads, West Virginia has a high automobile load on its roads. West Virginia has more than 37,000 miles of public roads and is crossed by six interstate highways. Every day, traffic officers ensure that all the road users adhere to the traffic rules of the state. To be prepared to drive in West Virginia, enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool!

west virginia car insurance lawsHowever, more importantly, they engage motorists to find out if they adhere to the minimum auto insurance law requirements.

Daily, they do this tough job whose description covers impounding cars, arresting offenders, and having a driving license suspended after checking car insurance minimum requirements and other regulations.

Following the U.S. trend, West Virginia has a minimum package coverage that every motorist has to regard. Notably, every motorist must not view these minimum rates as the furthest they can stretch what car insurance quotes offer.

These rates are just a guide to ensuring that a motorist remains within the law. To get the minimum and additional coverage at affordable rates, enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance tool.

Auto insurance experts recommend that every motorist should buy insurance covers that stretch beyond these minimum limits. This is the only way to manage the costs of high damages that will occur due to an accident.

Automobile Registration Law

At the time of registration of a car in West Virginia, a motorist has to sign a form that has a statement of verification of his or her insurance liability coverage. The motorist will also commit to having a minimum auto insurance cover. Therefore, West Virginia’s DMV will not register a car that is not insured.

car insurance laws west virginiaSecondly, the car owner is impelled by West Virginian auto insurance laws to show evidence that his or her car is registered. Occasions come when the traffic officers pull the vehicle aside for checking or compulsory checks in the event of an accident. Imperatively, the motorist has to carry the policy card in the glove box, just in case it is required.

In West Virginia, the penalties for not carrying a driving license at the time it is asked for is $5,000, coupled with a cancellation of the vehicle’s registration, and a thirty-day suspension of one’s driving license.

Minimum Coverage According to West Virginia Laws

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: In West Virginia this is $20, 000 for injuries caused on the body of a single person per accident. This limit increases to a minimum coverage of $40,000 for the injury of more than one person in an accident. In West Virginia, most motorists do not limit themselves to the 20/40 minimum. The commonest bodily injury liability coverage is $ 100,000 for the harm of a single person in an accident, and $300,000 for the injury of more than one individual.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: This is another mandatory requirement in West Virginia. According to the State’s Laws, a minimum property damage liability of $10,000 is compulsory. However, most motorists are paying up to $50,000.
  • Uninsured Motorist Liability Coverage: This is also a compulsory requirement. The UM limits are $20,000 for one person, and a maximum of $40,000 for more than two people hurt in an accident. In West Virginia, drivers who are involved in an accident occasioned by an uninsured driver have some remedy. By taking the culprit to court, they are paid for both bodily injuries and damages caused on their cars.

Additional Coverage Available

  • Medical payments coverage: This is not compulsory according to West Virginian auto insurance laws. However, it is prudent to have such a cover to help you during the emotional time after an accident. Most motorists heed this advice and pay around $5,000 for medical coverage.
  • Collision coverage: This is another crucial auto insurance coverage. This is the insurance policy that pays for the damages on your vehicle due to a collision with another vehicle. Remember, property damage liability only pays for the damages you occasion on the property of another person or motorist. However, West Virginian auto insurance laws have given a lee-way on it. Most commonly, motorists pay around $50 for it with additional commitment of deductibles.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: According to West Virginian laws, this coverage is not mandatory. It is usually the policy that covers all the other damages to your vehicle that are not occasioned by a collision. Such damages could be due to hail, earthquake, animals or falling objects. In West Virginia, most motorists leave this to be covered with deductibles.
  • Underinsured Motorist Liability coverage: West Virginian auto insurance laws have not put any restrictions on this coverage. A look at the common trend reveals that most motorists pay $20,000 for bodily injury of one person, and $40,000 for the injury of more than one individual in the accident.
  • GDL laws: To ensure the safety of teen drivers, West Virginian auto insurance laws have prescribed the use of the Graduating driver licensing system. GDL laws fix the minimum age for a teen to start driving at 16. The teen takes 6 months on an extended learner period, with 9 to 10 p.m. night restrictions. At 18, the teens pass out into full driving status.
  • DUI laws: West Virginia auto insurance laws prohibit driving under substance influence. Beyond a maximum blood alcohol content of 0.08%, a motorist will get stern 6 months suspension of your driving license.

The credit score and driving record of a motorist has a great influence on the premium rates. Several speeding tickets point to the likelihood of a driver making claims. Therefore, insuring companies charge higher rates on reckless drivers. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to get great rates from reliable companies!

A poor credit score is a pointer to defaulting on premium payment hence the insurer will charge higher premiums on it. No matter what your driving record, you can be prepared for the road with cheap car insurance rates when you enter your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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