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Washington Car Insurance Laws

Car insurance laws and regulations are part of every state. The laws may be somewhat similar, but some issues vary depending on the legislation of that particular state. To find out the minimum requirements for your area and get affordable car insurance quotes, enter your ZIP code into our FREE quote finder.

Washington has rules and regulations that govern car insurance for its citizens. Rules and regulation determine minimum liability, penalties, proof, and the financial responsibility of car owners and motorists. To find out the type of system that governs auto insurance in any state, use your ZIP code to make an online car insurance comparison using our FREE car insurance tool.

Minimum Liability

It is compulsory for all drivers to meet the minimum liability requirements of the state with their car insurance quotes. The ratio for Washington is 25/50/10. The ratio states that liability should be: $25000 for death or body injuries per victim, $50000 for more than one person, and $10000 to cater for property damage.

car insurance laws washingtonProof of Insurance

The state laws require drivers to have proof of insurance every time they drive. Insurance ID cards must include the insured persons name, the insurance company, policy number, date of acquisition of insurance, expiration date, and make, model and age of the vehicle.

A motorist can be charged for driving without insurance and fined a minimum of $450. One can also be charged of misconduct if he provides false information about her insurance cover. One must also be able to give proof of financial responsibility concerning the cover.

Laws on Rental Car Insurance

All states in the United States require a driver to have insurance cover. In Washington minimum liability covers do not offer collision or comprehensive covers. Hence, they cannot act as insurance covers for car rentals. Minimum liability cover does not cater for damages on the rental car.

One should pay up the rental fees using a credit card so as to gain credit card insurance cover. If the credit card company and the auto insurance company do not offer insurance for rentals, one must take a rental car insurance. This insurance is provided by the rental firm at a fee of up to $14 per day.

Laws on Under and Uninsured Coverage

This type of cover is not a necessity in the state. Insurer’s advice individual’s, to subscribe for higher premiums rather than the minimum cover. The under-insured and uninsured cover can be termed as a mandatory offer but not a mandatory purchase. An insurance agent has the obligation to sell this cover to a policy holder, but the client does not have to buy the cover.

Laws on Exclusion of Driver

It is legal for insurance companies to omit members of a policy holder’s family from the cover. The exclusion targets members who have a bad driving history. The state exempts the insurance company from carrying any liability in case of an accident for the household members.

This requires that one understand the terms and conditions that come with an insurance policy. Make sure you know what you’re buying.

Rules that Govern Prior or Lapsed Insurance

Insurance companies in the state of Washington have the right to charge a higher rate if an individual pays premiums late. A lapsed insurance can no longer act as a cover to its holder. One will have to pay a hefty fine for using an already expired insurance premium.

Laws Regarding Credit Backgrounds

The state of Washington permits insurers to check out a person’s credit scores. This helps the company determine how risky a venture one will be, to the company. One can save the cost of insurance premiums by maintaining a clean track on his credit scores.washington car insurance laws

Laws Pertaining to Teen Car Insurance

Like most states, Washington requires teenage drivers to carry insurance cover. The minimum liability is the same for all drivers in the state, 25/50/10. Teenagers can get a restricted driving license from the age of 16. A GLD test must be undertaken so as to obtain permission to drive a car.

The Rules Concerning DUI

Drunken driving is a criminal offence in the state, and comes with severe penalties. One must accept to take breathe, blood and urine tests, if requested to. DUI offenses can lead to revocation of licenses, to a maximum of 3 years. DUI offenses raise car insurance charges or force the insurer to cancel the cover. After a reform period one will be required to fill a SR-22 form first. The minimum BAC levels for drivers in Washington State, is 0.15%.

First time offenders can face a jail sentence of 15months- one year, or opt to wear a monitoring device for around fifteen days. The cost of the device is catered for by the individual, and its price range from $900-$5000.

The Type of System Used to Govern Auto Insurance

Washington is a tort state. This insinuates that in the event an accident occurs, someone must be at fault. The cause of the accident will carry liability for the damages from the insurance company. Statistics indicate that the state may be the 17th most costly in terms of insurance premiums in the country. Keep costs down by entering your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool.

Car insurance companies recommend that policy holders pay for more coverage than the minimum in order to avoid a costly accident.

The state does not require car insurance covers on the following:

  • Uninsured and under insured motorists
  • People with more than 26 vehicles can have a self insurance, or a liability bond
  • Mopeds and motorcycles
  • Monumental vehicles older than 30 years
  • Vehicles registered under the Washington utilities and transportation commission

Buying insurance can be a hectic affair, but it is very important. The penalties that are levied on the lack of car insurance can lead to financial distress. Washington state laws do not permit laxity in payments of insurance premiums. To get the cheapest online quotes in the state, do a FREE comparison online with your ZIP code in our car insurance tool.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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