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Hawaii Car Insurance Laws

Driving in Hawaii is one the greatest pleasures in life. Keen observation of speed limits, and the right attitude when driving, reduces accidents on the roads. The state of Hawaii has rules that govern road usage. It is worth noting that auto insurance is mandatory in Hawaii. To get great auto insurance, enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool now!

The state provides no option for having auto insurance such as self insurance and bond deposits. The state is further a no fault state, a requirement that would compel car owners to have a Personal Injury Protection as part of their car insurance coverage. Not only is this idea crucial, but also enables emergency medical protection in the event that an accident occurs. Our FREE car insurance quote tool can help your car insurance search when you enter your ZIP code.

Car Insurance Laws in Hawaii

When one tries to buy auto insurance from quotes in Hawaii, he or she is issued with an insurance card, which must be carried at all times. Failure to do so will result in a charge against the law. If one commits several traffic offenses, they may accumulate resulting in suspension of one’s driving license.

From January 2011, if one is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drug, his or her car insurance will be revoked for one year. Furthermore, one may be allowed to drive during revocation if he installs an ignition interlock device into his car.

Car Insurance Requirements in Hawaii

Hawaii being one of the lowest car insurance liability limits in the United States of America has one of the cheapest car insurance rates. However, it is in the best interest of every individual to have a minimum insurance above the state required limits.

There is an option of under insured and uninsured for motorists when they request these quotes. However, these uninsured or under insured offers only optional coverage, and are not recognized in the insurance laws hawaii

The minimum auto insurance liability limits for Hawaii are:

  • $20,000 for injury or death to a single person
  • $40,000 for injury or death to more than one person
  • $10,000 for damage caused to property.
  • $10,000 for personal injury protection

Best Car Insurance in Hawaii

Alcoholism and tourism are the major things in Hawaii that makes driving non conducive for safe driving. As a matter of fact, drivers from other states may not be familiar with the rules at road junctions, and this could cause an accident as a result of ignorance. Even though some accidents are as a result of ignorance, it is essential that such drivers carry more than $10,000 in personal injury insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii

Industry experts argue that the best way to get the best car insurance quote in Hawaii is through the use of an online car insurance comparison tools. In addition, one can save thousands of dollars by shopping around to get the best deals. If one has a doubt that the quote he or she has received is too high, then there are a number of channels they can use to save his or her car insurance quotes.

It is, thus, essential that one ensures the security of his vehicle. This will not be a great deal in Hawaii, since if one fixes additional security in his or her car; the insurance company will reduce the rates of premiums. One can also fit in a car protection which reduces the seriousness of his or her injury if he or she is involved in an accident. Homeowners are further advised to combine their car insurance policies with that of the household insurance as they will be liable to cheaper rates in both cases.

Car Insurance Rates in Hawaii

In Hawaii, car insurance rates are determined by one’s car insurance rating and those of the people who are likely to drive the car. For this reason, it is of uttermost benefit that one keeps away those considered as high risk from their cars, if he has to save a significant amount of his insurance liability. These ratings are determined by factors like; where one lives, gender and age of an individual, one’s credit history, car history as well as one’s driving history and license status.

Below are some of the rates of car insurance in selected cities in Hawaii.

  • hawaii car insurance lawsAuto Insurance in Kahului – $922
  • Auto Insurance in Waipahu – $1,100
  • Auto Insurance in Hilo – $1,164
  • Auto Insurance in Honolulu – $1,226
  • Auto Insurance in Pearl City – $1,353
  • Auto insurance in Kaneohe – $1,407

Car Insurance Companies in Hawaii

  • Garrison
  • Phoenix
  • United States Fire
  • Island Insurance Company
  • Hawaii insurance and Guaranty
  • Fairmont
  • Federal
  • AMEX Assurance

If you want the best auto insurance quote in Hawaii, you should look at the facts of your car, go to the car insurance directory, and enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to get the best quotes online.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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