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Montana Car Insurance Laws

Montana is one of the states in the United States located on the western side. A third of its area is made up mountain ranges, hence, the name Montana. It is the 7th least populated and 4th most widespread state in the United States. Montana car insurance laws ensure the safety of road users.

The state authorities are strict so that, in a case where a driver is caught without required auto insurance, it’s taken as an extremely serious offense. A Montana driver should ensure he or she has complete coverage and carries proof at all times when driving. To get adequate car insurance coverage, enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance quote finder now!

In Montana, having car insurance proof is mandatory in case of an accident or when stopped by traffic policemen. Failure to provide this suitable proof, it results to fine charges accumulated points on driving license or even a jail term.

Montana auto insurance laws require minimum coverage on vehicles. Car insurance companies will check credit in order to make sure you can afford these liability rate before you buy. It includes $25,000 cover for one person injured, $50,000 for hurt or death of more than one person and $10,000 cover for assets damage. This is the least coverage one should have, though residents are advised to get more coverage to cover a driver in cases of being at fault in accidents. Our FREE car insurance tool is available to compare quotes when you enter your ZIP code.

Optional Vehicle Insurance Cover

Though not compulsory in Montana, comprehensive and collision car insurance coverage should be compared and purchased. Collision coverage provides compensation against damages on the owner’s vehicle and caters for repairs amounting to blue book car value. If the repairing costs are more than the blue book worth, the car is considered extremely damaged hence one is given money value for one’s car.

Under-insured/uninsured auto insurance is not compulsory in this state but is recommended to be purchased. It provides protection to a driver in case an accident occurs between the driver and another vehicle that is under-insured or not insured. It also covers medical costs and vehicle repairs of the insured driver.

A Montana driver should also consider purchasing personal injury protection insurance coverage. This insures the driver and passengers and pays for medical expenses including damaged assets even if the driver in question is responsible for the accident.

car insurance laws montanaVehicles exempted from insurance covers are motorcycles, vehicles operating out of highways, and non operational vehicles. All other vehicles must be covered to moderate expenses and ensure safe driving on Montana’s roads.

According to the state laws, failure to present insurance proof can lead to a number of penalties. First time offenders can be charged a $250-$500 fine or ten days or less in jail. A second time offense can be charged a fine of $350 or more or 10 days or more in jail and a 3 month license suspension.

In addition, every time one does not possess proof for insurance, five points are attached to one’s driving license. After an accumulation of 30 points, the license could be revoked. Due to Montana auto insurance laws being widely enforced, it is not recommended to drive without insurances cover. A driver does not only face penalties, but he is also held accountable for auto repair and hospital costs for each party involved in the accident.

Montana follows a Tort system whereby a driver must be confirmed to have caused an accident, and the insurance company covering that driver will be liable to cover all the damages that occurred. The tort system differs from state to state. Montana inhibitors paid a premium of $1,724 average in 2009 against a nationwide mean of $1,796.

The policies car insurers provide to cover all customer requirements and get maximum profits is a hard product mix. Therefore, one should do the proper research on different insurance companies to be able to get one which provides the required coverage at affordable rates.

Legal conformity with vehicle insurance and driving regulations in Montana require obedience to four rules:

  1. Possession of Bond – Every driver should have a surety bond from authorized companies to enable the car operate in Montana. Lack of this bond exempts one from being able to drive in Montana
  2. Security – Drivers should have a minimum of two sureties of people owning real estates with a minimum value of twice the bond value. Drivers in Montana should make deposits of $55,000 with state finance department.
  3. Self Cover Certificate – If a Montana occupant has a registration of more than 25 vehicles under his name, he or she is obligated to get a self cover certificate.
  4. Conventional Liability – Drivers in Montana should be in possession of conventional liability cover from a reputable insurer, to be able to meet the states requirements.

These four compliance policies guarantee financial responsibility for a vehicle that a person drives in Montana.

Montana occupants should be able to review their auto insurance policies to ensure all the required coverage needed by the state is catered for due to the change of laws every now and then. People should shop around for coverage offered in different companies at affordable rates.

Montana Car Insurance Companies

There are a number of auto insurance companies in Montana. Montana residents ought to shop around in order to get a company that is best suited for them. Some top Montana insurance companies are:montana car insurance laws

  1. SF Insurance
  2. Liberty mutual
  3. Allstate
  4. AIG
  5. Progressive
  6. Geico.

For people living in Montana, it is beneficial to purchase required car insurance policies due to the great financial help and coverage it provides. To be a law abiding citizen, all the Montana car insurance laws must be followed to avoid breaking set laws. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool to find competitive rates to stay insured in Montana.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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